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Magical Shows

Children's Shows:

Magical David is both a Magician and Recording Artist who combines live music, magical illusions and comedy magic. 



The magic illusions feature:

  • Sparkling Candle to Rose

  • Magic Flowers

  • Magic Money Production

  • Double Giant Magic Wand Productions

  • Disappearing Giant Magic Wand

  • Crazy Magical Musical Instruments

  • The Magic Candy Production

  • Spooky The Ghost

  • Magic Candy Production

  • Colorful Silk Scarves appearing & disappearing

      from all kinds of places




The Interactive music concert features live music, plus crazy magical musical instruments:

  • Original songs from David's CD's Beautiful Planet & Singing with Friend 

  • Creative versions of children's favorite songs

  • "Silly Messed Up" Songs (Old Macdonald Had a Hamburger, 

       ABC...Climb a Tree, Birthday Cake Fell on the Floor)

  • The music gets magical and the magic gets musical with 

      "Crazy Magical Musical Instruments"

- The Flying, Falling kazoo, The Bubble Blowing Saxophone 

   (The kids shout: "No More Bubbles! but the bubbles keep on coming)

- The Ear Harmonica (blown with the ears)

- The Vanishing flute



"Magical David had every child and

adult in the palm of his hand. His patter is so engaging, he held 15,000 spellbound" 

-"Meadow's" Director, Mr. Randy Garelick

more testimonials here...

Lucy the magical whale
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